A question is often asked: Why is grade 12 university level English so important? It’s a class that teaches critical and analytical thinking towards literature and promotes good note-taking and essay-writing skills. So should it be required for entry into all university programs?

As for my opinion, I’m going to go with a soft ‘no’ in answer to that question.

If I’m being perfectly honest I don’t really know a lot about university courses and why certain things are required and why others aren’t (this is really bad considering I’m in 12th grade, I don’t recommend it). It just feels weird to form an opinion on something I’m not really informed of in the first place. At the same time, it feels kind of silly for twelfth grade English to be a requirement for all university courses.

At my school, math or sciences aren’t required beyond 11th grade unless you intend to take post-secondary courses to do with those subjects, and I feel like English should be the same. You learn to write essays in a lot of different classes, and MLA format is pretty much drilled into your head from day one. If you intend to be an engineer or programmer after graduating high-school, I don’t think that an extra English course would really help you much.

I’m not writing this long post because I dislike the extra English. I’m taking this class specifically because I enjoy it, but on some level, I don’t think it should be a requirement and instead just an available option.

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10 thoughts on “English Requirements: A Struggle

  1. I agree that it is not always needed in future careers because you do not exactly see nurses (pour example) writing essays on why their patient has that specific diagnoses or jotting down themes of their day. Do you think there should be more focus on learning new words in english classes?


    1. I think that English class is a wonderful way to explore critical thinking and vocabulary as well as communication skills in one nicely compacted setting. Developing vocabulary is certainly something that more classes should be focusing on instead of drilling heads full of MLA format year after year (no shade).


  2. Good work, have you considered the importance of English through resumes and communication that occurs at a workplace? Do you think that important grammar skills are grasped by 11th grade and can be used throughout life without any further expansion?


    1. I honestly do think that the important grammar skills are grasped by 11th grade. Heck, I had a decent handle on them by my sophomore year. You’re right in that I guess I didn’t really consider at first the importance of it on resumes, but once again I think that the mixture of grades 9-11 English, Grade 10 Careers and perhaps Co-Op if you choose to take that is more than enough to prepare you in that regard.


  3. I like how you put your blog together and you have some good points, although I would have to disagree with you. I think that grade 12 university English should be a requirement into all university programs. English is very important and is helpful in many aspects of life. Taking grade 12 English will provide a foundation for university and it allows individuals to stay up on their reading, writing and communication skills which is useful in all subjects and majors in university. I get that it is more important for individuals that wish to go into an English related field but i know that by taking English you will not regret it. I think that your points that contradict mine are reasonable as well as I can see where your coming from. I enjoyed exploring your blog!


  4. Great job! I love how you set up your blog and the gifs/moving picture are so cool (I tried to do that but I could not get it to work). I totally understand where you are coming from with the fact that you do not think that grade 12 English should be necessary as it is just an extra course to stress about and do more work for. On the other hand, after viewing both sides of this argument, I do believe that it should be a requirement. My reason for this opinion is solely on the fact that I think the topics and things that are taught in English class will carry you through your university years and even beyond that. Overall, great writing!


  5. For starters, I really enjoy the lay out of your blog post and all the memes, it really drew me in and made me interested! I see where you’re coming from, and I do agree with you to some extant. With that being said, I believe grade twelve English is important for the most part. I feel like grade twelve English prepares you for everyday things, like writing, analyzing work ect.


  6. I disagree with you on this topic, although you did have a lot of great facts to back your opinion up. I believe that Grade 12 University Level English should for a matter of fact be required for entry into any university program. I only think this because, it prepares us for the real world, and for our futures ahead of us. Grade 12 Academic English is a very heavy course with lots of homework, and work in general. I just think it gives students more of an experience and gets them prepared for what their future will hold! I really enjoyed the way you set up your blog!


  7. I enjoy how you really went against the flow with this blog! You’re points about why english shouldn’t necessarily be a requirement for university courses are cool. The one reason I disagree is because we learn important skills in english, and even if we’re going into engineering I think these skills will be really useful. Have you ever wondered that?:)


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