So I won’t lie, I’ve been listening to nothing but the Hamilton soundtrack lately. I’ve realized that I’ve kind of always really loved rap and hip-hop?? I don’t really know how to explain it.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is probably my favourite songwriter right now, and hip-hop is such an interesting medium to bring to Broadway. I feel like it’s kind of shoved aside by most lovers of language and dismissed as a genre that’s only about drugs and sex.

But let’s take a look at ‘My Shot’, a song that took Lin four years to write. I swear it’s so much better if you hear it to the rhythm, so I’ll link it here.

“Laurens, I like you a lot
Let’s hatch a plot blacker than the kettle callin’ the pot…
What are the odds the gods would put us all in one spot
Poppin’ a squat on conventional wisdom, like it or not
A bunch of revolutionary manumission abolitionists?
Give me a position, show me where the ammunition is!”

Look at that! There’s practically rhymes within rhymes. This isn’t so much music as it is kind of a work of art, not gonna lie.

I only picked that short part because it’s just that; short. This is the real masterpiece of the song in my opinion.

Okay, rant over. Sorry ’bout that.


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